Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Convention

Forced Perspective Scenery Gerry Glancy
South Suburban
Rock walls with a demonstration of forced perspective
using pine trees, trimming and flocking bottle brush trees.

Essential Structures and
Equipment for a Mine
Bill Tulley, MMR
Northern Wyoming
An overview of what structures and equipment
are required for a mining operaton.

Steelmaking #1: Mining through Smelting Stewart Jones
Part 1 of the Steelmaking Clinic describes the basics
of iron smelting and the operation of the blast furnace.
Because steelmaking is a very heavy industry, extensive
railroad facilities are integral to this manufacturing.
It describes the raw materials required for producing raw
iron with particular attention to the various support industries
that have existed in Colorado and elsewhere and how railroads
are involved and how you can model some of these industries.

Steelmaking #2: Steel Production and Finishing Stewart Jones
Part 2 of the Steelmaking Clinic describes how raw
iron is converted into steel and how raw steel is converted
into commercial products, including rolled shapes, plates
and sheets, rod and wire, pipes, and tubes. The weight and
bulk of these products requires extensive involvement with
railroads. Because there are so many facets to manufacturing,
the clinic will discuss ways to model partial process industries
rather than one giant complex.

Health & the Model Railroader Stan Jennings
Northern Utah
What is the most important thing in you life?
YOUR HEALTH! Without good health, one can have a
difficult time with the second most important thing
-- MODEL RAILROADING! This clinic will present tips
about dealing with aging yet continuing your model
railroading hobby. There will be tips on heart health,
keeping lungs working well and a couple of other staying
healthy tips; most of clinic is devoted to eye health
and safety.

DCC Trade Tips.

History of the Durango
& Silverton Railroad

Clinic #8 Don Bailey, MMR
Pike's Peak

All Clinicians are tentative and subject to change
Clinics are not necessarily listed by Time-Table order
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