Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Convention

P H O T O - O P

Join us in Rotary Park for a Photo-OP of the Train crossing the Animas River.

  • Sunday morning, we will meet at Rotary Park, a few blocks north of the D&SNGRR Depot.
  • We will form a photo-line at the park and along the foot-bridge on the Animas Trail,
    which is parallel to the Train Trestle.
  • The train will arrive 5-10 minutes after leaving the depot, with departure times of
    8AM, 8:45AM, and 9:30AM.
  • We must spread out courteously so as not to impair passers-by along the Animas Trail or foot-bridge.
  • After the first run-by, we shall gather quickly to distribute Model Contest Awards in
    the Park near the foot-bridge, off of the Trail.
  • We will reform our photo lines prior to the approach of the second train heading out of Durango.
  • After the second run-by, we will complete the award presentation if necessary.
  • Those interested may opt for the third train out of Durango, if desired.
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    Last modified 31 January 2017