2012 Convention Contest Results


The 2012 model contest had fewer entries this year when compared with previous conventions. This was to be expected because of the limited time available for model display. However, the level of modeling skills displayed was exilent. Sixteen items were entered. Nine models were on display with seven to be judged for the AP Merit Award Program. All seven models achieved 87 and points or more. Seven photographs were also on display. It was difficult to rank them in order of artistic ability. All photographs were deserving of an award of some variety.

Lynn Daugherty received the Caboose Hobbies Award for his FORKS CREEK STATION. This award always goes to the person earning the highest merit score for his model. No other certificates for first, second and third place were presented because of the limited time available for preparation at the convention. Those earning merit awards for their models will receive merit certificates by mail at a later date.

I would like to thank the three judges: Bruce Burbank, Don Bailey and Vic Kuklin for taking time from the convention program to help with judging the models.

JUDGED MODELS (125 points are available)

  • Lynn Daugherty Forks Creek Station 112

  • Stewart Jones Insulated Box Car 108

  • Vic Kuklin CM 551 Flat Car 105

  • Vic Kuklin CM 5340 Box Car 104

  • Stewart Jones La Mesa Station 94

  • Steve Bradley 5 SP Cars 90

  • Don Francis ATSF 1089 Caboose 87


  • Shirley Kramer Construction Co. Office

  • Bill Tulley 4 RGS Work Cars

    PHOTOGRAPHS (100 points are available)

  • Andy Saez 478 87

  • Martin Pirnot Along the WP&Y 82

  • Martin Pirnot 486 & 473 Meet 82

  • Andy Saez 489 77

  • Martin Pirnot Haggard Mine 77

  • Andy Saez 484 & 487 75

  • Martin Pirnot Tenn. Pass Depot 72

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